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Spaghetti Nelson ~ Contest Entry by MewMew-Kitty
Spaghetti Nelson ~ Contest Entry
    Meatballs!!!! This little cutie is for JB-Pawstep's mini contest for Nelson. He was so much fun to draw!! ^^

    Nelson © :iconjb-pawstep:
    Art © :iconmewmew-kitty:
    So, I'm back!!! ^^ I'm aware that my hiatus was quite long, but hopefully I'll remain here on DA for a long time to come ^^ Especially since I now have a tablet!!!! :P (So happy to have a Wacom finally...) Welp, I don't know what more to say...It's good to be back though :icondragonglomp:
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: ....the Mulan theme cover by Team Four Star?
  • Reading: Full Metal Alchemist
  • Watching: computer screen...
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Saph
  • Eating: Nuthin'
  • Drinking: Nupe
TGB | Terra/Cynquire Ref by MewMew-Kitty
TGB | Terra/Cynquire Ref
    Edit: Well, I just have to make the History part now and the RP sample ^^' Wish me luck...

|| Basic Information ||</small>

                 Spirit Name: Cynquire
                 Kit Name: Terra
                 Nick Name: Pookie | Leafy | Buggy
    [Name Info]
  • Cynquire: Pronounced "Sahyn-kwah-yer" | A deviation of Cyrus as well as 'quire,' meaning a collection of leaves stating historical events.
  • Terra: Pronounced "Ter-uh" | Bestowed upon him due to the lush greenery that surrounded his birthplace.
  • Pookie: Pronounced "Poo-kee" | Merely an endearing term which his mother used to antagonize him | Used by Avarina.
  • Leafy: Pronounced "Lee-fee" | A name based on his obsession with wearing a large leaf upon his face, mainly by his father | Used by Pastel.
  • Buggy: Pronounced "Buhg-ee" | Because of his affinity for insects and his insect-like wings of a tattoo | Used by miscellaneous others.
                  Arrival Age: Nine moons
                  Current Age: Nine moons
                  Birth Season: Mid-Late Spring
                  Zodiac Sign: Pisces

|| Appearance ||

                     A somewhat lanky cat with a compact, yet seemingly frail build, Cynquire is a tom of lean muscle and limber limbs. His coat is short, but soft and usually thin when not burdened by the colder seasons- even then, it isn't as thick as others. His pelt is pale tabby in color, with the majority being a light cream mottled with blue-grey as a Blue Tortoiseshell's ought to be and he comes off as almost 'stony.' However, in great contrast to his rather drab color in fur, he sports vibrant stripes and stippling of rusty ginger that act as the focal points of his form. Said colors adorn his face around the eyes, stripe his withers and upper back, ring his slender tail, and lightly lace his paws. His eyes are a lustrous yellow like the blistering sun of a hot summer's day and despite the intensity of his gaze's hue, he gives off a less than impressive air that lacks confidence and promotes pity.

                     Blue Tortoiseshell Burmese - 50% | Ruddy Somali - 25% | Red Mackerel Tabby Shorthair - 25%

    [Distinct Colors]
                     Cadet Grey | Bright Rust | Blonde Cream

                     A small trio of thin, pink scratches across the middle to outer corner of his right eye that are deep enough not to allow fur to regrow there, but not enough to cause blindness | Received from a wily hare during his first hunting session that had turned on him and attacked as they were both about the same size at the time.

                  Height: Withers - Eight and a half inches.
                  Length: With tail - Thirteen and a half inches | Without tail - Twenty-one and a third inches.
                  Weight: Five and a fourth pounds.

                   Born within a small wood within the Outlands, he carries the scent musty scent of sod and musk. He also smells somewhat of pine as its smell tends to be the most pungent and overpowers the other scents of trees. Overall, the young tom's aroma could easily be described as "the fresh air of a warm, summer afternoon floating within the depths of a well-trodden wood."

    [Notable Features]
  • Flashyass markings: Unusually bright against his pale pelt of blue-grey and cream, Cynquire's vibrant streaks and spots tend to be the focal points of his body when his abundance of accessories is ignored | It often makes it hard for him to blend into surrounding and, in fact, tends to draw more attention towards himself when he'd rather not.
  • Saddish Eyes: Though the golden color comes from both parents, he has acquired his father's sad-look expression, to which he dons even with a smile | It seems that the downward, tapered shape of his eyes give him a helpless and innocent look.
  • Large Ears: His ears span nearly an inch in length, which he usually wears erect in nervous fashion- which he gets from both of his parents | As a young kit, such often allowed for him to pick up of smaller sounds and thus feed his fear of the unknown.
  • Lengthy Body: Though he stands at the height of a typical cat- or rather, typical for an adult as he has grown in height rather quickly for his age, and probably won't grow any taller- he has a rather long body which makes him appear even taller when he sits on his haunches | He has a habit of sitting on his haunches and often pulls up his forelegs and paw to his chest as if in a protecting or blocking motion.

  • Leaf Eye-Patch: A rather small-sized leaf from a banana plant, the young tom have fashioned the leafy membrane into an eye-patch of sorts, though it seems to cover most of the right side of his face. A ragged tear near the top of the leaf acts as a slot for his ear to protrude in order to hold it in place, and though the protection lasts longer than most other leaves, he has to change the dying plant every so often | Originally received from his mother in an attempt to quell his worries.
  • Bone Earring: A slender bone fragment from one of the limbs of a hare. It has yet to be removed from its position near the bottom of his left ear since its original protrusion and he sports it as a reminder of how he received his first battle wounds | Received from his father after a rabbit-hunting excursion, to which Cynquire himself fashioned the earring's point and rings to hold it.
  • Feathers: A pair of bird feathers, from which species is unknown, that he sports tucked alongside his left ear. Twisted into his short fur, they stick up usually, though they occasionally get caught behind and between his ears | Received from his mother in order to match her own feather adornment.
  • Arrowhead Necklace: A long, thin necklace made up of fine wire colored dark grey and with the slightest hint of a metallic surface. It fits loosely around his neck and has too long strands that hang off the end of the accessory. Upon those strands are two stony grey arrowheads hooked by the metal which he practices moving with the breeze in faint whipping and snagging motions | Received from his father, though where it originally hailed from is unknown. Rumor has it that it was once a product produced by mixed efforts of Earth Tribe Miners and Fire Tribe Smiths.
  • Arrowhead Earring: A slim strand stretching about two and a half inches and made up of fine wire colored dark grey and with the slightest hint of a metallic surface. It is attached near the base of his right ear by a gauge-esque loop in his ear, allowing for the strand to slide and move around the circumference of the loop. Upon the end of the strands is a stony grey arrowhead hooked by the metal which he practices moving with the breeze in faint whipping and snagging motions | Received from his father alongside the aforementioned necklace, though where it originally hailed from is unknown. Rumor has it that it was once a product produced by mixed efforts of Earth Tribe Miners and Fire Tribe Smiths.
  • Round Stud: A singular, rounded orb of faintly reflective charcoal-grey that is attached near his dangling, arrowhead earring on his right ear. It hardly stands as anything respectable in comparison to the rest of his adornments, but he believes the simplicity of it suits him well enough | Received from his father as it used to be one of Pastel's own earrings.
  • Tapered Studs: A quadruple set of bright crimson, metal studs that are more rounded at the base, but taper to narrow, rounded tips. He wears all four along the top edge of his right ear, the color often standing out well with the green of his leaf | Received from his father as all four used to be Pastel's own earrings.

|| Tribe Information ||

                 Birth Tribe: N/A
                 Past Tribe: N/A
                 Current Tribe: Air Tribe


                     Apprentice | Aspiring Bone Crafter


                     Currently N/A


  • Skill I: Topspeed ✔
  • Skill II: Accelerator I ✔
  • Skill III: Accelerator II
  • Skill IV: Awareness
  • Skill V: Accelerator III
  • Skill VI: Windfield
  • Skill VII: Bunnyhop I
  • Skill VIII: Bunnyhop II
  • Skill IX: Weather Forecast
  • Skill X: Under Pressure
  • Skill XI: Current Swap
  • Skill XII: Rain Dance
  • Skill XIII: Wings

|| Pedigree ||

    [Immediate Family]
                 Father: Pastel ♂ | Grey-Fire | Location unknown
                 Mother: Avarina ♀ | Black-Water | Location unknown
                 Leaf ♂ | No Tattoo | Location - Southern Pheasant Woods
                 Bud ♀ | No Tattoo | Location - Southern Pheasant Woods

|| Personality ||

"I am Terra Cynquire and I speak for the trees..."

:bulletgreen: | Positive
:bulletyellow: | Neutral
:bulletred: | Negative

    [Gentle | Sprightly | Timid | Immaculate| Aesthetic | Antsy | Fragile]
                  :bulletgreen: Gentle: Born of the forest, Cyqnuire grew up rather oddly with the desire to help others surpassing any inkling of killer instinct. Rather than pounce on bugs, he would allow the insects to perch on gently extended claws and showed immense delight in caring for others. When it comes to handling those who are smaller or weaker than him- whether it be another cat, bug, or piece of jewelry, he always remembers to treat them delicately and with urgent care as if he were scared of breaking them. Such is often why he usually speaks in a soft coo like that of a motherly queen.

                 :bulletgreen: Sprightly: When he isn't cowering in worry or self-pity, Cynquire can be quite the lively cat when comfortable. Particularly when out and about in the territory, he can be rather energetic and spontaneous with play while still maintaining his usual benign nature. When out in the wild of a plain or woodland, one can easily see the normally frightful and skittish cat acting freely without the strings of paranoia bonding him and can even find themselves developing a closer relationship with the tortie.

                 :bulletyellow: Timid: As one of his main traits, Cynquire is no stranger to acting shy and keeping to himself. Though he isn't completely inept at social interaction, he does find it hard to communicate with new cats on levels less than 'awkward.' This often leads him to be often found either resting in his nest or sitting all by his lonesome while picking at something inconspicuous. Though it's easy to get past his skittish shell, it's a lot harder to keep him from retreating back inside when he is finally pulled out.

                 :bulletyellow: Immaculate: Cynquire is about as clean as they come, always washing himself when he has spare time. He takes great care in his pelt's management often finds himself getting flustered and a bit OCD when he notices others' unkempt coats. He would normally fight the urge to walk over and groom them himself if he were so socially deprived, but when he finds one of his close friend with nest-tussled fur, he will deliberately sit them down and run them over with a few keen checks of his tongue.

                 :bulletyellow: Aesthetic: Oh, how he loves beauty!! Cynquire has a strong and undeniable love and appreciation for beauty. Whether it be a charming cat, dainty pair of jewel-encrusted accessories, or a radiant scene of nature's untapped elegance, he favors them all. However, just as he adores the radiance of a pretty scene or kitty, he also enjoys and seeks the inner beauty of others, so his aesthetic taste isn't shallow or solely based on vanity. Natural grace, inside and out, it his true weakness.

                 :bulletred: Ansty|Clingy: As an anxious cat who often fears things like conflict, it is not odd to find that he's quick to jump and avoid situations that may make him feel uncomfortable. With a general lack of self-confidence, he tends to linger close to those he knows, though he'll still act a bit tentatively around them for the fear of annoying them as well. He is made nervous quite easily when his space is invaded or when he's put on the spot, and would much rather curl up in his nest and internally devour himself in a self-inflicted vortex of shame and agony than face any sort of reprimand.

                 :bulletred: Fragile|Sensitive: Although he may be fairly muscular as a young cat, his emotions are quite similar to glass. As nervous and skittish as he is, it's no shocker that he could be easily upset and find even the smallest of both physical and verbal skirmishes traumatizing. Dealing particularly with the strength of his stomach, Cynquire often finds it hard to make visual contact with others' wounds and it makes him sick to see his own scars. It take a lot more to make his stomach curl when it comes to interaction with others, but if the nail is hit on the head by the right sort of abrasive or moody cat, Cynquire can find himself not eating until late in the night once everyone else is asleep.

  • Though he is not gullible or easily manipulated by normal means, it is found that he can be subjected to the will of a pretty cat without much of a fight, to the point where he'll act as a lapdog and answer to every beck and call.
  • Although the scars on his face left him with his vision completely intact, he much prefers to wear his signature leaf accessory in order to keep himself from seeing his scarred face in reflections. With his leaf on, he has perfect coordination, and yet, on the rare occasion that he is without his mask, he is rather clumsy with his footwork and appears almost disoriented due to the change in depth perception.
  • Ever since he was a little kit, he has loved to play with bugs, taking particular interest in forest cicadas. To this day for about the last half moon, he has managed to hang onto the same cicada without letting it die by feeding it berries he has collected and keeps her tucked away in his leafy garment. He calls it Cid and has dubbed it as a 'her.'
  • He has a great interest in jewelry and decorative garments, thus evident in his choice of adornment and skillful ability.
  • He has a nervous habit of sitting back on his haunches and pulling his forepaws up to his chest, almost as if he were protecting himself from everyone else.
  • Because of his love for life and nature, he doesn't like to hunt very often and ends up eating less than his share of prey. When he does, makes sure to thank it for its life.

|| Sexuality ||

    [Sexual Orientation]

    [Romantic Orientation]

                     As of yet, Cynquire isn't completely sure as to what or who he likes when it comes to romance or sexual relationships. As he grew up in relative isolation from other cats, the only others he ever spent time with was his parents- and with his mother being the sultry beauty that she was, he often found himself attracted to her presence. Though he technically isn't 'in love' with Avarina, he is infatuated with his mother's appearance. As of such, he has a fondness for soft, long coats, usually blues, greys, and other cool colors, and light-hued eyes. As a mama's boy, he also is attracted to Avarina's gentle, but assertive personality, so the same would easily go for any other cat who may catch his attention. But with time and after he develops himself through experiences with others, these may change.

    [Lovely Goals]
  • X | Feel attraction towards someone
  • | Have a first crush
  • X | Have a real crush
  • X | Share a nest with someone
  • X | Learn the meaning of love
  • X | Experience love at first sight
  • X | Share a tender moment with someone
  • X | Partake in 'cutesy' talk
  • X | To be blinded by love
  • X | Have an open relationship
  • X | Have a short-term relationship
  • | Have a quick fling
  • | Lose his virginity
  • X | Have a long-term relationship
  • X | Find true love
  • | Sire a litter of kittens
  • X | Die while in love


    [Previous Relations]
                     Aki ♀ | Grey-Shadow | Location unknown

    [Current Status]

    [Current Lover]



                     Unknown at current age

|| History ||

                   Within a small wood that filled one of the areas of the Outlands, as Terra was told during many long nights where rain kept him from sleep, his mother and father known as Avarina and Pastel respectively had met at a tiny watering hole. The pair had set off together when the she-cat was weak with illness and orphaned by a fox who had smote the remnants of her kin. With Pastel being a complete loner without a family or anyone else to care for or keep him company, he had taking the young queen under his wing and nursed her back to health. During their few short moons together, the pair grew extremely close and quickly fell in love. 

Though they wished to express their love through mating, the duo had tried multiple seasons in a row to have a litter, but due to Avarina's low fertility rate, they had no luck. However, during one especially lucky spring day, the pair had happened upon a small clearing of fuzzy, blue-hued flowers that had attracted Avarina's attention and adoration. While rolling about in the floral throng, she managed to inhale a few of the hairy leaves and petals, ingesting them in the process. She had no worries about such, and it turned out that the flowering plant was really the herb of Borage- though he still had no clue. Whether it was just luck or a mixture of the Borage and the spiritual ancestors' will, Avarina managed to become pregnant, much to hers and Pastel's joy. 

The birth, however, was less than joyous. And here is where the bed-time stories for Terra always ended. Although she made sure to take great care in herself, Avarina suffered many troubles during the later weeks of her pregnancy and she eventually kitted over a week and a half earlier than normal. She had birthed three kits, but the first two had perished due to failure to thrive. The third, Terra, managed to cling to life and the parents cherished his life with the utmost of their ability. The first two kits were named Leaf and Bud, a dusty tom and a silvery cream she-kit, during their burial and Terra never did learn that he had littermates. As a kit, her was merely told that the two burial spots were marked as his grandparent's resting place.

  • Pastel mets Avarina and the two decide to live together.
  • Avarina and Pastel fall in love.
  • The two try to have babies many times, but fail.
  • Avarina plays in borage and accidentally eats some.
  • Avarina becomes pregnant.
  • She has birthing issues and two of three kits die.
  • The first two are named and buried.
  • Young Terra is lead to believe that his two littermates are his deceased grandparents.

                   As a young cat, Terra traveled with his parents, who were rather overbearing in their protection and affection. Such, he never understood why, was truly because the pair were terrified of losing their last kit as they were unable to bear anymore after Avarina's birthing scare. Terra grew up to appreciate the natural world around him, and though he was a bit more soft-hearted than his parents expected, they never berated him for his gentleness. Instead, the pair took it upon themselves to make sure their curious little kit remained as innocent and oblivious to all the negativity in the world.

However, when Terra reached the age of six moons, the time when most other cats began to learn how to hunt, Pastel took it upon himself to try training Terra to hunt. The young kit was quite good at tracking and managed to pinpoint a wild hare. He gave chase and went to pounce on the equally-sized creature, but the rabbit took the risk and spun on him, attacking. Terra was given a few thin scratches across his eye- not enough to blind him, but certainly so to scar him both physically and mentally for life. Though Pastel killed the hare, Terra still remained in fear of all potential dangers in the world, to which he still never managed to fully get over.

Avarina and Pastel did their best to heal their son's emotional scars by various means, most pertaining to adornments. His father dabbled a bit in accessory-making and often attracted Terra's attention enough to wash away his fear and replace it with amazement. In an attempt to quell his kit's internal turmoil, he taught Terra everything he knew and even made one of the bones from the very rabbit that hurt Terra into an earring for the young cat to wear as a reminder that even those things that cause pain can be overcome with enough inner strength. Along with this bone-pick, Pastel also passed on his own sets of earrings and jewelry, and Avarina even paw-picked a leaf which could act as a cover for the scarred part of Terra's face. The kit was beginning to cheer up and fill himself full of light.

Such happiness was rather shortly lived once he and his family began to cross paths with more cats. Such cats spoke of many tribes in such highly, and sometimes sour, words, which garnered Terra's interests completely. As a growing tom, he was reaching the age where he wanted to do more than remain his parent's eternally tiny kit. He no longer wanted to be coddled as much as his parents did to him and he eventually argued with them over the tribes. He wanted to go visit them, but neither Avarina or Pastel wished to leave their happy-go-lucky life guided by blind love. Terra felt as if his heart were being torn in two, but eventually he decided that he would answer the power call that beckoned him forth towards the tribes, leaving his family behind. He silently promised to return for them once he made his way to the tribe in which he belonged, and thus, he set off for the plains marked as Air Tribe territory.

Along the way, Terra met with loners and exiles here and there, and often asked them for directions to the Tribes- Air Tribe in particular. Usually, he merely spoke in brief before being chased off by hostiles or given a certain direction to follow by nicer cats, but he did spend extended time with some during nights of bad weather and the like. Among one of these times, he was taken in by a generous young she-cat named Aki during a particularly stormy Autumn night and offered lodging in her home formed from an old badger's den. During this evening, the young tom shared with Aki both prey and his tales of travel. Being young, and in Aki's words 'cute,' Terra was rather sheltered and oblivious to the wiles of the wild, and the young male of seven moons was goaded into mating with the older cat while under the influence of catnip. The next morning, due to extreme fatigue, Terra had no recollection of what transpired. He left Aki as she slept with a silent good bye and started off again, not alerting the pretty Selkirk Rex of his departure. Even now, the long-forgotten night is a blur to Terra, and the young tom is completely unaware that he managed to get Aki pregnant at his age. Even more so, he is unaware that the she-cat is following after him in a nearly obsessed sense of adoration and longing.

  • Terra is raised by over-bearing parents.
  • Avarina and Pastel can no longer have any kits.
  • The two try to keep Terra as innocent and soft as possible.
  • Pastel tries to teach Terra to hunt, but fail.
  • Terra is mentally and physically scarred from a rabbit attack.
  • Terra's fears are quelled by the art of accessory-making.
  • Terra is gifted with many adornments and learns about overcoming adversity.
  • He grows curious of the Tribe ways.
  • Terra becomes rebellious and wants to join the Tribes.
  • Pastel and Avarina refuse to give out their free life.
  • Terra is torn by his feelings for his family and for his ancestry.
  • He decides to leave for the Tribes.
  • He promises to return for Avarina and Pastel once he is settled.
  • He decides upon Air Tribe due to what others call his 'tattoo.'
  • Terra becomes rebellious and wants to join the Tribes.
  • During his travel, he sought help from other exiles.
  • One stormy night, he settles down with Aki.
  • Aki grew enamored with Terra as he spoke of his trip.
  • She shared her home and prey with him for the night.
  • Aki had been in heat when she accepted Terra into her home.
  • And she managed to goad him into mating with her under the influence of catnip.
  • Terra left early in the morning before Aki woke up.
  • To this day, he doesn't remember much of what happen that night.
  • Aki ended up pregnant with young Terra's kits.
  • She was secretly following after Terra in a state of obsession.

|| Trivia ||

    [Voice Actor]
                   Marina Inoue | Armin Arlert | Attack on Titan

                   Hello / How Are You | by Hatsune Miku

  • Cicadas- he finds them cute, though he likes locusts too.
  • Trees- he really likes any natural landscape that is undamaged.
  • Cuddling- but only with others whom he is comfortable.
  • Beautiful things- again, mainly natural things, but also jewelry and trinkets.

  • Scars- or any deforming injuries.
  • Snow- its too cold.
  • Conflict- it gives him indigestion.
  • Close proximities with strangers- pretty understandable.

                   He is the Lorax!! XD He had a love-hate relationship with his mother and though he tries to not think about it, he still has a slight crush on her. Hmm....he isn't blind in his right eye, much to the surprise of those around him who know. Oh yeah, and he's already a father- but he doesn't know it...

  • X | Make a best friend
  • X | Persuade his parents to join the Tribes
  • X | Have a family
  • X | Get over his fear of scars
  • X | Truly help someone else
  • X | Witness a plague of locusts
  • X | Become someone's soulbond
  • X | Try out vegetarianism
  • X | Become a famous bone crafter

  • X | Dying alone
  • X | Ending up with an abusive mate
  • X | Have someone be annoyed by him
  • X | Have someone hate him
  • X | Be forced out of his 'comfort zone'
  • X | See a dead tree- like, literally 'dead'
  • X | Kill someone else
  • X | Eat a bug

|| Roleplay Information ||
    His ginger-marred tail snaked it's way around the thin sapling,  large eyes aglow. The rough touch of the bark surface felt familiar and soothing as it's jagged edges bore through his short coat and grazed his skin in a light scratch. The young tom breathed in a soft sigh before tentatively stepping away from the towering tree that gave him such a sense of security. Ears pricked and sun-lit eyes wide, the pale tortie swiveled his head slowly to and fro in a scanning motion as the timid creature took in all that he could of his surroundings. With his deep golden gaze colored the same hue as the sun just peeking over the horizon, he started off.

    In a quick motion, he flopped down into the soft slurry of snow ladening the earth floor, the young cat cursing in a shrill, internal voice at his stripes. Though the majority of his pale pelt blended in well enough with the frozen world around him, his loud markings of rusty ginger always managed to stand out. He was nearing the end of the southern half of the dense forest where pheasant and other birds made their home, the young tom noting how the trees were thinning out to give way to spans of springy-grassed plains and hills that signaled the start of Air Tribe territory.

    He had asked those of tattoos colored similarly in soot and ash, some loners and other exiles, where those who bore his own markings lived with the swift flight of the wind beneath their paw steps. Although many had been less than helpful with their words, a fair amount of those who, like him, had no real home were kind enough to share their knowledge with him. They had spoken of a lush land spanning flat, yet full of hills and without trees so that cats could run freely along the springy grass. His yellow eyes flickered as he took in the area before him with bated breath- the scene was just as the outsiders had depicted to him. 

    This is it, Terra....well, here I go...

:bulletgreen: | Desirable
:bulletyellow: | Acceptable
:bulletred: | Undesireable
:bulletwhite: | Contemplating

    [Pardon the hectic choices- I'm new to RPing on DA, so I suspect a bit of experience is required before I can decide which are my favorite types of roleplays ^^']
                  :bulletgreen: Note RP
                 :bulletgreen: Comment RP
                 :bulletyellow: Skype RP
                 :bulletyellow: Google Document RP
                 :bulletwhite: Chat RP
                 :bulletwhite: Drawing/Sketch RP

:iconthe-golden-butterfly: :icontgb-airtribe:


Cynquire & Co. © :iconmewmew-kitty:

All other characters © their respective owners

The Golden Butterfly © Atalae (Founder)  & Toadfoal (Successor)
    So, I'm back!!! ^^ I'm aware that my hiatus was quite long, but hopefully I'll remain here on DA for a long time to come ^^ Especially since I now have a tablet!!!! :P (So happy to have a Wacom finally...) Welp, I don't know what more to say...It's good to be back though :icondragonglomp:
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: ....the Mulan theme cover by Team Four Star?
  • Reading: Full Metal Alchemist
  • Watching: computer screen...
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Saph
  • Eating: Nuthin'
  • Drinking: Nupe

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On other sights, I've been known as Mew or MewMew. I like drawing pokemon, chibi people, warrior cats, and ponies. Just ask, and I'll do a request. I love doing work when I run out of ideas. My main characters I draw would be Soulthunder (My OC warrior), Kitty and MewMew (My Fangy Flygon and Kittenfox), Love Fade (My OC pony), and Lasair (My newest pokemon character).

Some of my best buddehs: :iconpikanite: :icontorchiclove: :iconexploding-awesome: :iconlolluigi64: :iconspaztikcupcakes: :iconjaqueline-keen: :iconsheyna5649: :icondapplefern:

[>.<] - Moo, I'm a pig.
[.] - Dude, you're an owl.
[O.O] - mother has lied to me!

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Youth medium
Favourite genre of music: Punk rock
Favourite style of art: Cartoon and Chibi
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie & Pikachu
Personal Quote: *yawns*...what's happening?!? & What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!………………………

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:iconblack-starplz::iconsays1plz:What the hell am I doing here?

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:iconblackstarpissed::iconsays1plz:WHAT?! HELL NO! DOING MESSENGER CRAP ISN'T A GOD'S DUTY!

:icontsubakiplz::iconsays1plz:Please, Black*Star, don't be rude to these friendly people. The least we could do is say our gratitude.

:iconblackstarlaughplz::iconsays1plz:The least they could do is kiss my--

:iconangrymakaplz::iconsays1plz:MAKA CHOP! :iconmakachopplz:

:iconsoulphewplz::iconsays1plz:He should've just done what he was told.

:iconkidhowpatheticplz::iconsays1plz:Even Gods have to show their gratitude, sometimes Black*Star. What kind of God are you to not acknowledge that?

:iconsoulsmirkplz::iconsays1plz:Even cool people like us know that.

:iconblack-starplz::iconsays1plz:Will I be a cooler god if I do that, then?

:iconsoulsmirkplz::iconsays1plz:Definitely. I mean who wouldn't think you're a badass god now?

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:iconmakaalbarnplz::iconsays1plz:You've done it now, Soul.

:iconblackstarlaugh::iconsays1plz:HOW'S THAT FOR BEING THE #1 COOLEST GOD!


:iconmakarawrplz::iconsays1plz:Right. MAKA... CHOP :iconmakachopplz:

:icondeaththekidplz::iconsays1plz:Well at least he's done his job.

:iconmakaalbarnplz::iconsays1plz:Soul, you really need to watch what you're saying around him.

:icontsubakiplz::iconsays1plz: ^^;
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